I'm on Gemini now!

I’ve created a gemini capsule at this same domain. If you have a gemini browser, you can visit my capsule at gemini://elektito.com.

Not sure if that means I will not be writing here anymore. Probably not. But I’m definitely more active there at the moment.

What’s Gemini?

If you’re not familiar with it, Gemini is a new Internet protocol that is heavier than Gopher and (a lot) lighter than the web. It’s a small space right now, with no more than a few thousand capsules (which is what we call what would be a website on the web, or a gopherhole on gopher).

It’s part of a recent movement of the small (or smol!) Internet, which strives for a slower and more human scale internet. A counter culture, you could say, to what the web has become. It’s a lot like what the web was like back in the early 90’s.

The project name unfortunately, is rather ungooglable. Try searching for Gemini, and you’d mostly find stuff about the constellation, astrology, a crypto/scam exchange, or the NASA project if you’re lucky. Here’s the, more or less, official website for Project Gemini.

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