elektito programming & stuff


My name is Mostafa Razavi, generally using the handle elektito online, and I’m a software developer living in Enschede, The Netherlands. I work at Inmotio where we currently work on a vision-based football tracking solution. I use lots of Python and C++ plus many technologies to track and analyze tiny clusters of pixels!

I also have extensive experience in writing network software: deep packet inspection, network monitoring, packet capture and analysis and the like, since in my previous jobs, I’ve worked on building network appliances.

Outside work, I dabble in a bit of gamedev as a hobby. You can find my games on itch.io.

This is my personal website. I mainly created this website so that I have a place to point people to. I aim to use the blog to write down the things I come across primarily for my own reference, and with the hope that they will be useful to other people too.