elektito programming & stuff


My name is Mostafa Razavi, and I’m a software developer living in Enschede, The Netherlands. I use C++ and Python extensively in my day job and while I mostly use Python for my side projects, there is a special place in my heart for Lisp!

I have extensive experience in writing network software: deep packet inspection, network monitoring, packet capture and analysis and the like. For years, when I lived in Tehran, Iran, I was the lead of a small team of developers creating a high-traffic network appliance and I’m rather proud of the technical achievements of the project.

Currently, I live in Enschede, The Netherlands, and I work at BallJames B.V. were we are creating vision-based, football tracking software.

This is my personal website. I mainly created this website so that I have a place to point people to. I hope I’ll use the blog to write down the things I come across primarily for my own reference, and with the hope that they will be useful to other people too.