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Letting AsyncIO choose a port for you

Say you are writing a test case for an AsyncIO-based network function. You want to write a test server and have the code being tested connect to it. You can choose a port number and hope it’s not taken when the test is run, or you can have a free port chosen for you each time the test is run. Simply pass 0 as the local port number:

    transport, protocol = await loop.create_datagram_endpoint(
        ServerProto, local_addr=('', 0))

Afterwards, you can query the transport object for the port number chosen for you:

    server_addr, server_port = transport._sock.getsockname()

And that’s it; now you know the port number. I’m not sure if using a member variable with an underscore at the start of its name is the best or the official way to do this but it’s the best method I’ve found so far.